Day two of PKU was more working on the backswing and getting the back side of the left lat really driving while keeping distance between the legs. The greatest deal of focus today was on keeping space between the legs as Patrick turned my shoulders and core. I am starting to feel my legs resist while he does this which is a good thing.

I am getting more and more comfortable with the swing as I was able to talk to Patrick while hitting balls. He was laughing and asked, “how does that feel?” I knew he was impressed with my shoulder turn and depth. I am able to get much deeper when I can feel the back side of my left lat really driving the backswing.

As with every lesson lately, I am hitting some of the best shots of my life. It will be interesting to see what happens when we start to work on the downswing later in the week. I am also getting more comfortable not thinking about my arms at all. In the recent past, I have been thinking about turning my left elbow down and in as I went back. Now, I just drive with my left lat and my left elbow naturally turns down and in. Things are looking bright for my golf swing.

UPDATE: The early days of PKU were really just to work on a deeper shoulder turn. Now that I am over 260 lessons in and it is late April 2021 I am starting to understand the importance of depth when it comes to distance and accuracy. I am now hitting my 9 iron about 155 yards and straight as an arrow these days.

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