Day 4 of PKU was heavily focused on the downswing. Patrick really pushed me to get my right lat through impact before my hands. This is extremely difficult as you have to have a lot of patience to allow the entire right lat to get through the ball while the club and hands lag behind. Hence, the phrase lagging.

Something I quickly noticed with this is my scrunching or collapsing before impact is partly due to the fact that I lose my posture and don’t have space to “swing” my upper body through the ball. The better posture I have and the deeper my backswing, the more opportunity I have to get my right lat to drive through the impact zone while my hands lag.

Patrick has mentioned that I am hitting the ball so high now because I am hanging back and not getting my right lat all the way through impact. There were a few times that I was able to get through impact, but for the most part, I still hang back and hit the ball sky high. I am sure this will change in the next few lessons, but this is where I stand on day 4 of PKU.

UPDATE: The posture and getting through the ball is predicated on staying skinny; especially with the right side. In late April 2021 I can hit the ball wonderfully if I can suck in my stomach and stay skinny throughout the entire swing. I sometimes forget this or get lazy and that is when my ball striking falls apart. Stay skinny my friends.

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