Patrick continued to work on getting me deep in the backswing where I feel my body starting to go to 4:30 or 5:00 while the club comes around and goes to second base. I have a habit allowing my right side to get fat or lift so I really need to work on keeping it sucked in early as my arms feel like they are pushing away from my body and across the target line. This is a challenge at times because I can really get the feel of going back outside by lifting.

As we continue PKU I am getting more and more flexible so I feel space between my legs, at my right obliques and under my arms. The more space I feel, the more room I have to come back to the ball from the inside.

Patrick also encouraged my right side to really drive through the ball. I need to feel the swing of the right side all the way through the ball and almost feel a step through motion. I still have a tendency to fall back as I am approaching impact. Rather than fall back with my shoulders, I should continue to drive my right side through the ball. When I do this correctly, I feel like my upper body is very low and my legs are high.

Patrick started the discussion of my hands for the first time ever today. He wants the club face to be a little more closed as we work on the downswing. I don’t roll my left elbow enough and the club face stays open through impact. Instead, I need to feel the left elbow rolling towards the ground which will make me feel like I am bowing my wrist right before impact. After doing this three or four times I started to get the hang of it when Patrick was turning me.

As always, I can feel the parts of the swing much better when going slow. Patrick continuously talks about patience in the golf swing. Patience to get all the way to the top of the backswing and then a lot of patience to allow the right side to drive under and through on the downswing; even past the ball.

UPDATE: It is now late April 2021, I am over 260 lessons in and there are still many issues with my swing. Every time I get excited about being able to play I start toeing it, hitting it fat or even shanking it. I really have lost a lot of enthusiasm because golf is simply to hard. There are more important things in life than trying to hit a white dimpled ball straight.

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