Another downswing day at PKU that helps me better understand the backswing. Instead of “falling” back after the take away, I need to feel my chest opening up and somewhat peacocking but in a way in which I continue to turn. Falling back is going to cause me to sway on the way back and again on the way through.

Patrick really wants me to close the gap and then drive low with my right lat. I try to lift with my shoulders and arms when my upper body should stay low. Patrick held my arms out in front of my body and forced me to keep turning with my right lat under. It is going to take awhile for me to trust my right side turning under without using my arms or shoulders to get the club to finish.

Patrick explained that it is much easier to use the shoulder to lift to finish the swing. Instead, the right shoulder needs to stay lower than the left shoulder and I need to drive under with my right lat. Easy enough, right?

UPDATE: It is now June 2021 and I am in a much better place mentally in terms of the entire golf swing. It is never going to be perfect. If I can complete the backswing and keep the right shoulder low through impact, I am a pretty good golfer. All other things can be trained and practice but there is no reason to obsess about them.

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