OK, so we were getting a little more confident about the posture and stance. Every now and again Patrick will have to make certain I stand tall and do not slouch. Keep the chest high! I also had to make certain my hips are rolled forward. I had a bad habit of having too much flex in my knees. Once again, it almost felt like I was going to fall forward, but I needed room for my body to turn without my arms getting in the way.

Because I have been thinking about the downswing, my backswing got much shorter and we had to go back to the importance of keeping my left lat moving toward my right side. When you are thinking about what to do on the downswing, it is extremely difficult to finish the backswing. Much more on that in later lessons. Well, all lessons.

After lesson #5, it was quite clear my backswing needed much more work. Time to get back to the range and smack balls all over the yard.

UPDATE: We are now 104 lessons in and I am still working on my backswing. I don’t think, well, I know, amateurs have no idea how much work, flexibility and energy is needed to create a good backswing. When all is said and done I am going to have a great backswing but it has not come without many trials and tribulations.

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