The correct swing path is starting to make more and more sense now. As I drive with my left side and work on creating leverage with my right shoulder high, it puts tension on my lower back. Once at the top, if I can keep this tension with the downswing and all the way through the swing, it means I am keeping my angles. Obviously, doing this is not easy, but it makes complete sense.

Today, Patrick and I discussed the importance of bracing with the right leg on the backswing and the left leg on the downswing and follow through. If my feet feel like they are slipping on the backswing because of all the torque, I am not keeping my right knee “inside” or stable enough. It is going to take time to keep the right knee “inside” but I understand why this must be done.

I also felt the importance of keeping the left shoulder on the target line as long as possible on the downswing and follow through. It is the exact same swing on the backswing when the right shoulder feels like it is staying on the target line as it goes up and gets higher, creating torque. In essence, as I am approaching impact and through impact, the muscles in my lower back feel as if they are driving my body to right field. I can really feel this if I “hold off” my left shoulder rather than allowing it to fly to left field. This can be very difficult to do, but at least now I get the feel.

I hit about 15 balls that were simply amazing today. As we continue to fine tune the backswing and work on getting the downswing lower and through the ball, I am hitting it better and better. Something else that has been brought to my attention is getting the right shoulder down at address. As Patrick says, “you are setting yourself up for impact.” The first thing I do is allow that shoulder to come up on the take away and backswing but my brain knows where that shoulder needs to return to.

Mikaila had a lesson today as well, her 5th, and she is getting better and better with her shoulder turn. She had a very bad headache so each time I hit the ball crisply she said, “that sound!” Yes, I know, isn’t that sound amazing?!

UPDATE: This seems so long ago as I am now on lesson #159 in late September 2020. Back then, I was about to embark on my journey of not driving with my right foot to try to gain power. It was extremely difficult but something I needed to go through. Now, my legs are used much more to brace rather than to use power. Back then, I wasn’t even concerned about keeping distance between my legs or keeping them inside my shoulders. Oh, how the times have changed.

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