It was 99 degrees on October 3rd, 2019. Unreal. Today Patrick and I discussed how to get the right knee to go towards the target with the left butt cheek going towards the right heel. It is very easy to allow the right knee to fall backwards and not remain coiled. On the backswing, I have to be cognizant of the right knee. It is bracing the body as it turns and if you “let it go” it is going to be impossible to get back to the ball correctly. We focused on this for quite a bit before moving into the second part of the downswing. The first part is to set the angle with the right butt cheek but after that, the upper body, the lats, do all the work. I have the habit of allowing my hips to do all the work. When I allow the right lat to take over after the angle is set, the swing feels very long in the torso. Patrick discussed this in the past but I never really knew what it meant.

I hit some absolutely gorgeous shots on the range with Patrick today but there is still plenty to clean up.

I am headed to Park City, Utah to stay with my sister Jodi in her new vacation house next week so I won’t see Patrick again until next Friday. I likely won’t pick up a club the entire time I am in Utah so it will be interesting to see what happens when I get back.

Patrick said that it would be fine to go play Knights Play again but I am very concerned about distance control. There are a number of greens that are right beside tee boxes. If I hit a 9 iron that goes 145, it could kill the person on the next tee box. Literally.

I will likely go to the UNC Finley range once or twice but I think we need to wait on going to Knights Play. Once I have a little bit of distance control, then I should be able to play there.

UPDATE: We are now 180 lessons in and I still wonder about distance control when going to play Knight’s Play. I am now extremely confident with my backswing as I am now in a place where Patrick is explaining the importance of the right lat which starts all the way at my glutes. I need to feel the stretch or tension of the tendon in my lower right side to really feel support and the full backswing. Good luck learning that.

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