We are starting to see progress as far as the depth of my backswing now. Patrick made a major addition to my backswing today. After a push through the pinch and stay wide through the takeaway, my left wrist hinges and makes my left forearm stay above the right forearm and then I need to go back behind myself. I have the tendency to go straight up, but I have to drive with my lower left side and go back behind my body. It feels like I am going towards 2:00 it 12:00 is directly behind me. If I can, it feels like I should go back to 3:00.

When doing this, I need to be cognizant of my head. My head tends to fall to the left as I try to go to the top of the backswing. When I can keep my right eye down and my head stable, it feels like my right elbow and right arm are coming towards my ear. It feels as if the longer the swing gets, it actually gets shorter at the top. This is simply the rotation of my body around my head which never happened in the past.

As we continue to work on the backswing, I can feel my hands and arms doing less and less. Ultimately, my core will be the driver of the golf swing, no pun intended. Patrick wanted me to do many of these drills to get comfortable with the feel of my right elbow being basically in my ear. The weather is not going to be nice this weekend and Mikaila will be away in Houston so I will be able to spend some time on this exercise.

I know we are getting closer and closer but I am not trying to rush anything. We have all winter to get my swing where it needs to be for the spring. If I am ready for golf by The Masters, I will be happy.

UPDATE: Yep, we flew through the Masters date in April (delayed due to Covid-19) and we are now in November 2020 and I am still not ready to play. I am 188 lessons in and still do not feel comfortable on a tee box. I am honestly not sure this is what I really want but I am all in at this point. Every time I start to hit the ball well, Patrick adds depth to my backswing and I start to hit behind the ball again. Welcome to my world for the last year.

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