Short Back Stroke and Accelerate Through Putting

Over the last two years I have worked to make myself an above average putter. That said, there are still a few pressure putts I missed in 2015 that drive me crazy. To change that, I adjusted my putter with a cork grip and shortened by back stroke, especially on the shorter putts. This has made a world of difference as I am one now the best putter I have ever been. In fact, if you put me over a pressure putt less than 20 feet it is going to be close to the hole or in. Here is why:

My home course, Hasentree, has bentgrass greens. These type of greens roll true but they can get very fast. Even when rolling at 11 or 12 on the stimp the breaks can be crazy. This means short putts can easily break out of the hole if you do not hit them with conviction. In the past, I was known to try and baby short putts and ended up missing quite a few on the low side.

Rather than trying to finesse the ball in the hole from a short distance it is better to hit the putt with conviction. To do this, you need a short back stroke and a much longer follow through. The follow through is the most important part of the putting stroke; just like the full swing.

If you are having trouble chipping, hitting bunker shots or just getting around the greens it is likely the case that you are decelerating at impact. There is no way you can get up and down if you do not hit the ball with speed at impact. In fact, if you play golf from anywhere and you are decelerating at impact you are not going to be a solid player.

Go to your practice green and hit some short putts. Take a very short back stroke and follow through with some acceleration. You will likely blast your first few putts way past the hole but you will notice that your lines are much better. Hopefully this helps make you a better golfer and a much better putter. You can make up the most strokes on the golf course on the putting green and around the greens. If you get up and down from all over you will drive your playing companions crazy.