Avid golfers that want to enjoy golf during the winter months of November through March and April will likely consider Tampa, Florida. One of the better opportunities in Tampa is Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club. As a ClubCorp country club, members have the option to add on three more golf courses to their membership. The add on courses are East Lake Woodlands, Hunter’s Green and Countryside. Note that Hunter’s Green Country Club is much closer and there is an offer to add just that club rather than adding all three.

Below are the Tampa Palms Golf & Country Club Membership Initiation Fees and Monthly Dues:

  • Full Golf Membership – $3000 Initiation Fee with $485 in Monthly Dues
  • Limited Golf Membership – $3000 Initiation Fee and $335 in Monthly Dues

To add Hunter’s Green it will be $510 a month and to add East Lake Woodlands, Hunter’s Green and Countryside it will be $525. This is a great deal for those that love to play golf every day of the week.