Tee Your Driver Lower – Does It Help?

In true Paul Azinger fashion, he is offering golf swing tips during the final round of the Arnold Palmer Invitational. He mentioned that Jordan Spieth is teeing his driver lower and it is helping him. So, will this help the common amateur? Will teeing your driver lower make you hit it further and/or straighter? Absolutely not.

Whenever Nick Faldo or Paul Azinger offer swing tips it is important to remember that all professionals have some type of rotational golf swing. Almost zero amateurs do. Unless you are zipping your 56 degree wedge 20 feet back on the green you do not have anything close to the same swing path as a professional.

Also note that professionals are hooked up to computers every single week to look at their launch angle, smash factor, spin rate and a number of other variables. Unless you have TaylorMade or Titliest looking at your swing every week, do not take swing tips from any of the guys you watch on TV.

Jordan Spieth is playing much better lately but it is not as if he is hitting his driver like Dustin Johnson. Teeing it up lower may help him visually and it may help a few amateurs visually but it is not the reason you will improve your golf game. You may get lucky, all the stars align and you tee it lower one day after hammering three Miller Lites and you hit a few drives straighter. You just have the proper level of inebriation, you aren’t hitting your driver better because the tee is lower.

In fact, if you start to think you hit the driver better with the tee lower you will end up causing more problems because you will start hitting a descending blow on your driver instead of ascending. This will put more side spin on the ball and will likely creep into your iron game. Next thing you know, you will be hitting huge hooks and slices with your 8 iron all because you thought teeing your driver lower was the answer to your golf swing problems. Go get a golf swing coach and learn a rotational golf swing. This will solve your problems.