The River Club Myrtle Beach Hole #18

At the end of this week I am headed to Myrtle Beach to play golf for seven straight days at seven different courses. On Saturday, our group will play The River Club. Before going to play most courses I will check out the score card and look at the hole by hole overview or description. Feast your eyes on this puppy:


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I think everyone that has picked up a golf club has played at a course called The River. There is one north of Raleigh in Louisburg, North Carolina. I have played it a few times and it is not a bad course other than the fact that it is 30 miles from any type of civilization. I am quite positive The River Club in Myrtle Beach will be quite a bit different. Most courses are dubbed “The River” because there is plenty of water on the course. The River Club in Myrtle Beach sure has plenty of water and the 18th hole is the epitome of that.

Here is the overview of the hole:


First of all, notice there are only three tees on this course. Secondly, this is the 18 handicap from the mens tees and the 4 from the womens? I would assume that must mean 18 is the hardest hole on the course but nowhere else in America is that the case when looking at a scorecard. If the 18th is the easiest hole on The River Club course in Myrtle my name is Tiger Woods.

The tee shot is an interesting one because it looks as if you can take on as much water as you desire to get closer for your second shot. Remember, this is a par 5. I would imagine with my length that I will aim at the bunker on the left and let it fade off that bunker. The problem is that even with a decent layup I will still have to navigate over water with my third shot. Even for those that go for this green in two are going to have to aim over the water and bail out to the right. A bailout to the right will likely mean they end up in the bunker.

I have no idea how in the world this can possibly be the easiest hole on the course. Even from the white tees you have two shots that demand a carry over water. I assume that if you hit your drive in the little area just beyond the left bunker it is an easy shot into the green? How can any shot be easy when the green is protected by water?

Ok, I think I get it. If you can carry 245 yards you will only be left with 150 or less into the green for the second shot on a par 5. It makes a little more sense now, but still. How many people can carry 245 with water all down the left? If that ball is overcooked with a draw or doesn’t fade, you are teeing up your third shot. In essence, this is really a 400 yard par 5 if you can avoid the water on the tee shot.

After doing a little bit of research it looks as if #18 at The River Club in Myrtle Beach has been distinguished as one of the top 100 holes in golf. I guess I will just have to wait and see how many balls I dunk in the water before I give it that type of recognition. I can tell you that it won’t be one of the easiest holes I play this week.