Well, here it is folks. The first glimpse of the non Sean Foley Tiger Woods driver swing:

Many were critical of Sean Foley so it will be interesting to see what Tiger looks like at the Hero World Golf Challenge at Isleworth this weekend. In the video, Tiger asks someone, “Do you want a high cut or a low cut?” Obviously, Tiger has absolutely no problems cutting the ball. I do wonder what the swing would look like if he was asked for a high draw or a low draw. I don’t think that Vine would be as smooth.

As my good friend Jeremy said, the move down from the top of his back swing to the down swing is one of the most beautiful in moves in golf. We can only hope that Tiger plays very well at his home course this weekend. If he plays well, it will be one of the most watched golf tournaments of the year.

This is the final tournament of the calendar year 2014 and Tiger will likely not play again until Torrey Pines in early February 2015. I will be watching much of the 2014 Hero World Challenge golf tournament and you can get my live blog as well as thoughts and opinions here.