Time and again I fight the battle of the toed iron that squirts right. This is something I have fought for several months and keeps coming back. Unfortunately, it looks like an issue I will continue to have moving forward. That said, have the “toe ball” that pushes right is much better than having the hosel rocket that quickly turns into the “s” word. We won’t talk about that.

If you have been hitting your irons off the toe and to the right it is likely the case you aren’t getting as much distance. What was once an 8 iron has turned into a 7 iron or a 6 iron. This should not surprise you as you aren’t striking the ball in the middle of the club face.

The reason I end up hitting toe balls is because I am coming into impact with the face open and I am not striking down on the ball. When my posture is correct and I am striking down on the ball it is a crisp shot that goes normal distances.

The best way to fix the toe ball is to simply hit a few balls on the range and get it worked out. I know this sounds cliche but a toe ball means you are not far off. You are basically a few millimeters from hitting the ball solid. You know this because your score isn’t getting crazy high. If you were a 10 handicapped that shot in the low 80s normally you are likely shooting in the mid 80s when you are toeing in.

In fact, you may even score better because a toe ball is more controlled off the tee box. You might be concerned with turning the club over and starting to hook the ball when you are toeing it. We have all hit the toe of the driver, flipped it over and sent a sweeping hook all the way across the fairway. This can be concerned for anyone who struggles with the hooks.

To fix the toe ball hook you simply need to hit the ball in the middle of the driver club face and keep it open. Go to the driving range and try to hit some fades with the club face open. Before you know it you will be fixed or hitting huge slices. Either way, you won’t have the toe ball hook.

If you hit the ball off the toe of your iron or driver, what do you do to fix it? Do you have a practice you implement at the range?

Something you may also want to try is to go to the short game area and hit some chips. Make certain you get the club face through the ball square. This will help you square the club face at impact with your full swing as well.