Toscana Country Club Membership Initiation Fees and Monthly Dues

The only true private country club in Indian Wells is Toscana Country Club. If you are looking to enjoy Palm Springs, California golf this might be a great option for you. While the map is littered with golf courses and country clubs it is important to understand which ones are actually private and which are open to the public. It is also smart to ask which are equity clubs and which are not. One of the most appealing parts of Toscana is you have do a preview membership for six (6) consecutive months at just monthly dues.

Below are the Toscana Country Club Membership Initiation Fees and Monthly Dues:

  • Preview Golf Membership
    • $1225 (under age 45) in Monthly Dues ONLY
    • $1470 (age 45-54)
    • $2450 (age 55+)
  • Young Professional Golf Membership
    • $70,000 Initiation Fee and $1225 in Monthly Dues

If you want to get to experience Indian Wells or Palm Springs, California golf without dropping $50,000+ on an initiation fee, you should ask the club if they have a preview membership. Toscana really started the preview membership trend about four or five years ago and now most of the clubs in the area do it. This will give you a chance to feel out the best golf in the world during the winter months.