Xander Schauffele Three Line/Bar Adidas Callaway Hat

If you have been watching the PGA Tour in early 2021 you will notice that many pros have different clothing, hats and clubs. Jon Rahm is now with Callaway, Matthew Wolff is sporting the new SIM2 Hawaiian looking hat and Xander Schauffele is wearing a three line or three bar hat with Callaway on the side. Is this a Callaway hat and what to the three lines or bars mean?

After doing some research, I found the 3 line hat. It is the three lines or stripes for Adidas. Schauffele is sponsored by both Adidas and Callaway. I can assure you this is going to be very confusing to golf fans. They will think the three lines means Xander is a “Third” in terms of his name or the three has a personal meaning. Such as Harold Varner III. It has no special meaning, it is just Adidas trying to be clever.

While Dustin Johnson is also with Adidas, we will likely see DJ with the SIM2 hat, but who knows. The sponsorship world on the PGA Tour gets weirder every single year. This is what the three bar or three line Adidas hat looks like: