Balcones Country Club Membership Initiation Fees and Monthly Dues

If you are looking for one of the most fun country clubs in the Austin, Texas area, you might have stumbled upon Balcones Country Club. While this isn’t the best golf course or most elite private country club, it does tout itself as the most fun membership and a country club in which you will have a great time. If this is what you are looking for, Balcones Country Club might be right for you.

Below are the Balcones Country Club Membership Initiation Fees and Monthly Dues:

  • Preview Golf Membership – $1299 Initiation Fee with $399 in Monthly Dues
  • Preview Junior Golf Membership – $1000 Initiation Fee and $299 in Monthly Dues

Note that Balcones Country Club does not have any full memberships available in 2021 so you will be a preview member until full memberships become available. This means you will have limited golf privileges including unlimited weekday access and weekend access after 1 pm. If you are a social golfer, you should have no problem getting into a group that plays earlier on the weekends.

One feature of Balcones Country Club is they have an extremely active golf calendar. If you like to play tournament golf or enjoy Thursday Night league nights, you will love Balcones. The Sundowners play every Thursday night from March 18th through October 29th. The driving range has lights and is open until 9 pm which is also something unique about the country club.