What is the Golf Season in Palm Springs, California?

As most of America is suffering through a wet and cold winter, the residents of Palm Springs or Rancho Mirage, California are golfing in shorts and polo shirts. No layering up in Palm Springs. So, what is the actual “golf season” in Palm Springs, California? The golf season in Palm Springs begins on November 1st and play continues into mid to late April of the following year. So, in essence, Palm Springs is golfing while the rest of the country is going through the winter months.

A number of the more elite private country clubs in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage will overseed in October and get ready for “tournament” season beginning November 1st. There is no lack of wealth in Palm Springs so those that are wanting to play golf often play every day of the week. With ideal weather during the winter months, courses like Thunderbird, Tamarisk, Morningside, The Springs, The Vintage, Big Horn, Ironwood, The Madison Club, Toscana and Stone Eagle see quite a bit of play from November through April.

The courses don’t necessarily shut down in late April and early May but it simply gets too hot to play. Unless you are the first tee time in the morning or the last tee time in the afternoon, you are going to have to endure temperatures over 100 degrees during the summer months. This is the time to hop on you get and fly to Cashiers or Highlands and enjoy golf in the mountains of North Carolina.