Cashiers Private Country Clubs and Golf Courses

Initiation Fees and Monthly and Yearly Membership Dues at private country and golf clubs in the Highlands and Cashiers, North Carolina area. If you plan to join a private country of golf club in Highlands or Cashiers and would like to discuss your options, please email me at

Trillium Links

  • Full Golf Membership – $50,000 Initiation Fee with $11,800 in Yearly Dues ($983.33 monthly)

Burlingame Country Club

  • Full Golf Membership – $40,000 Initiation Fee with $9575 in Annual Dues ($797.92 monthly)
  • Associate Golf Membership – $30,000 Initiation Fee with $4788 in Annual Dues until age 55 ($399 monthly)

Highlands Falls Country Club

Young Executive

  • Age 30-49 – Initiation Fee of $20,000 with Annual Dues of $3370 ($280.83 monthly)
  • Age 50-54 – Initiation Fee of $20,000 with Annual Dues of $10,320 ($860 monthly)

Full Golf 

  • Initiation Fee of $37,500 with Annual Dues of $12,455 ($1037.92 monthly)

Wildcat Cliffs Country Club

  • Golf Membership – $40,000 with $11,700 Annual Dues ($975 monthly)

Cullasaja Golf Club

  • Full Golf Membership – $45,000 Initiation with $14,550 in Annual Dues ($1212.50 monthly)
  • Age 21-49 Golf Membership – $35,000 Initiation – 75% of Dues Until Age 50 –  $10.912.50 Annually or $909.38 monthly

Wade Hampton Golf Club

  • Invitation Only

Mountaintop Golf & Lake Club

  • Property Owners Only
  • $18,000 in annual dues and $2000 in capital dues
  • Initiation fee would be the purchase of a home site or residence.

Highlands Country Club

  • Invitation Only

Old Edwards Club

  • Invitation Only

If you want to improve your golf game before joining an elite Cashiers or Highlands country club, we suggest Raleigh, NC area golf instructor Patrick Kelley.

More information about Highlands and Cashiers, North Carolina golf below:

If you want to know why Cashiers and Highlands have some of the best private country club golf in America, look no further than the annual rainfall in the area. Cashiers and Highlands are in Macon County with is the dark green county in Western NC just above the South Carolina state line in the map below. Note that one of the dark green counties in North Carolina is Transylvania County (the more eastern dark green county).

In essence, Macon County is a temperate rain forest located in the state of North Carolina. No where else in the United States are you going to get vegetation that compares. Add to this the fact that it is part of the Great Smoky Mountains and around 3000 feet in elevation and you have the best possible situation for growing grass.

Cashiers and Highlands, North Carolina have the perfect climate for golf. Each of the private country and golf clubs mentioned have bentgrass tee to green. Understand that this part of North Carolina is basically a natural rainforest meaning there are no issues when it comes to keeping the grass watered.

If you been to this part of North Carolina, you have noticed how green everything is. There is so much moisture in the area, it is rampant with Kudzu vines. The Nantahala Gorge is just across the mountain from Highlands and Cashiers and is covered with Kudzu. You don’t have to worry about that on any of the private golf clubs in the area though.

While most would call the area “in the mountains”, these are not “mountain golf courses”. If you want to play a true mountain golf course, make the trip to Cherokee to play Sequoyah National or go to Burnsville and play Mountain Air. True “mountain courses” are the types that have par 3s that read 180 on the card and you can hit a sand wedge because it is so downhill. There are par 5s that are driveable on “mountain courses”. These private clubs are valley courses that are in the mountains.

That said, the elevation is such that you will hit the ball further. You will notice a 10% to 20% difference in your irons. You will also drive the ball much further because of the elevation. You won’t get the extra yardage because of the heat and humidity though.

Lodging, Groceries and Restaurants

If you are simply visiting the Highlands/Cashiers area, there are plenty of hotels and rentals on the mountain. Do not think you are going to have to drive in in your RV or camp on the mountain side. You can do this, but there are a number of Inns, nice hotels and AirBNB/VRBO options for you to stay. In fact, you can likely find a house to stay on one of the courses. Some of the clubs allow you to assume the membership of the person in which the house is owned. Call ahead and see if this is an option.

As far as groceries, the best option for a larger grocery store is Ingles in Franklin. In fact, Franklin, North Carolina is the closest true “town” outside of Highlands and Cashiers. There are some small town restaurants, gas stations and a bowling alley in Franklin. If you want to get a true feel for the area, go to a Franklin High School football game on a Friday night. In fact, go to a Swain or Robbinsville High School football game to get the 100% feel of the area.