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An Attempt to Hit the White Ball Straight

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Should I Drop My Back Shoulder on my Driver Setup?

With the Phil and Brady vs Tiger and Peyton matchup quickly approaching, many golf fans will be watching Phil Mickelson try to “hit bombs”. Phil is one of many Tour Pros that sets up with his back shoulder much lower than his lead shoulder when hitting a driver. You can clearly see it in this video:

If Phil does it, should you as well? Is dropping your back shoulder a way to hit your driver better and further?

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Can You Move Tree Branches or Bushes to Hit the Golf Ball

We’ve all been there. You hit a wayward drive in which the ball comes to rest near a tree or bush. You have a stance if you can use your butt or backside to push the bush or tree branches back. We know we are still in the hole because we are getting a stroke and simply have to chip out to salvage a bogey, net par. Is it legal to move the branches on the bush or tree with your butt and push some branches back with your arm?

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What Does “Rolling It in the Fairway” Mean?

If you play country club golf with a group of guys you have heard, “we are rolling it in the fairway.” If you are new to country club golf or you haven’t played a lot of money game golf, you may be lost. It sounds like you can roll the ball into a better lie and then hit it on the approach shot, right? Well, this is not exactly the case. Here is what “rolling it in the fairway” means at your country club:

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Why Do I Hit My 56 Degree Wedge So High and Short?

You are 98 yards out and need to stick it close to put pressure on your competitor. You know you hit your pitching wedge about 135 and your 8 iron often flies well over 150. Doing the calculations in your head, you know a 56 degree wedge should not only get there, it might even go long if you pure it. You pull out your trusty 56 degree Titliest Vokey or Cleveland RTX. It may even be a little rusty because you are that badass. You feel your heartbeat in your fingertips as you know a shot inside of 10 feet here could close out the match.

You do everything you do with other iron swings. You get over the ball, you take a deep breathe, waggle the club a few times, take it back and let it rip. As soon as you hit it you know it’s pure. It goes straight up in the air and lands 15 yards short of the green. WTF? Why in the hell did my pure 56 degree wedge just go 75 yards yet I can hit a pitching wedge 135 yards?

I see this all the time with amateur golfers. It is especially prevalent with those that attempt to flatten their swing with their arms which then forces them to flip at impact. I call these golfers “fall back flippers”. They hit their driver 280, a hybrid 235, an 8 iron 160 and can’t hit a wedge further than 80 yards. Let’s dissect why this is the case.

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Bentgrass Greens – Pure and Fast

A few years ago I published an article comparing bentgrass to bermudagrass greens. I had just walked off a course in which the bermudagrass was young and rock hard. It was the complete opposite of bentgrass greens. Suffice it to saw, I was not happy. I vowed that bentgrass was far superior to bermudagrass. So, what makes bentgrass greens so great?

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2019 US Open 3rd Round Live Blog

It’s moving day at the U.S. Open at Pebble Beach.

9:43 – We will see Rose and Woodland with Koepka and Reavie right in front of them. I am certain most of the golfing world would love to see Brooks make it closer. Gary Woodland will face a lot of pressure tomorrow and will likely drop shots here and there. If Brooks is right on his heels, it will make Woodland think a lot more.

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2019 US Open 2nd Round Live Blog

The coverage will start at 12:30 on FS1. I will be off and on updating on this page.

10:11 – Enough golf for me for the day. Looks like it will be Woodland and Rose in the final group with Louis and Rory a group ahead of them.

10:00 – If Woodland can par #9 with his ball in a divot this will be amazing. It is cold, late and the ball isn’t flying. Let’s see what he can do. Well, there you go. He is on the green and will likely two putt for a one shot lead going into Saturday. No way! Woodland birdies from a mile away. He shoots a 65 and leads at -9. What a fantastic birdie.

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How Does Cameron Champ Hit it So Far?

If you have watched some of the PGA Tour tournaments in October and November of 2018, you have likely seen Cameron Champ drill his driver over 400 yards on several par 5s. He has also averaged over 330 yards off the tee with a swing speed around 130 miles per hour. So, how does he generate so much speed and hit it so far?

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What Driver Does Cameron Champ Play?

Cameron Champ has made a name for himself during the last tournaments of 2018 which are the 2019 FedEx Cup season. He has pounded several drives over 400 yards and his driving average is around 330 yards. He is also coming through at impact with a swing speed in excess of 130 mph. If you are searching for the driver he is hitting, it does not mean it will add distance to your drive. Your golf swing will. If you can swing at 130 mph and hit the ball square, you too will hit it well over 300. If you can’t work on your swing, not your equipment. That said, Cameron Champ hits the Ping G400 Max driver.

Note that Cameron Champ also has a custom shaft that you likely cannot even fathom imaginable. Most amateurs have a swing speed around 85 to 90 mph so do not think the Ping G400 Max is going to add 40 yards to your drive.

Justin Rose to Play Honma Irons in 2019

Beginning in January 2019, world golf #1 (right now) is switching from Taylormade irons and wedges to Honma. At this point, it looks like his contract will allow him to play any type of woods and driver which likely means he will stick with Taylormade, but who knows. We are also uncertain of the type of ball Rose will be required to play. Both Honma and Taylormade make golf balls for PGA Tour pros.

If you were wondering, some Honma irons have gone for as much as $75,000. You can go on eBay and find a set of Honma irons for as little as $275 and as much as $50,000. Not bad.

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