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Brooks Koepka Weird Putting Read to Save Knee

It is amazing what golfers will do to play golf while injured. Brooks Koepka has struggled with knee problems over the last few years so he is adjusting how he is reading putts. At Augusta National, during the 2021 Masters, Brooks has a very unique want to “bend over” to read putts. This is what it looks like:

Jordan Spieth Soft Bent Left Elbow Practice Swing

Jordan Spieth has been woking with a swing coach expert in 2021. I won’t name the coach but let’s just say he created Tiger Woods’ greatest golf swing while he was holding the Tiger Slam. One thing that this particular golf swing coach teaches is a rotational and core golf swing; not an armsy golf swing. What amateurs do not realize is the only way to not have an armsy swing is to have soft arms. The left elbow actually falls inside towards the belly button throughout the backswing. When really perfecting this swing most people are going to need a soft left elbow at the top of the swing.

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Matt Wallace 2 Thumb Fat Putter Grip

Around 2010 the Super Stroke fat putter grip became popular. It really gained in popularity when Jordan Spieth started sinking putts from everywhere in 2015. Now, we are taking it up a notch. Matt Wallace uses the 2 Thumb (brand) putter grip in which the grip is so fat that you can place both thumbs side by side on the grip. He then interlocks the fingers on the backside of the grip. Here is what the 2 thumb putter grip looks like:

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What is the Golf Season in Tampa, Florida?

After a very wet winter in North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia, avid golfers have started to look at winter opportunities elsewhere. While everyone can’t up and fly to Palm Springs, California, Tampa, Florida is a short drive down the Interstate. Most private Tampa, Florida country and golf clubs have their peak golf season November through March and April. Some clubs close down two days during the summer months for maintenance reasons.

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Does the Austin, Texas Drought Affect Golf Course Conditions?

It is had to argue that Austin, Texas is one of the “hottest” places to move in the United States in 2021. Literally and figuratively. With Apple, Tesla and a number of other tech companies having headquarters in Austin, there are plenty of high paying jobs. Those that are moving to Austin will likely look for private country club and golf club information. What they will likely find out is the weather isn’t exactly ideal for golf 12 months out of the year.

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What is the Golf Season in Palm Springs, California?

As most of America is suffering through a wet and cold winter, the residents of Palm Springs or Rancho Mirage, California are golfing in shorts and polo shirts. No layering up in Palm Springs. So, what is the actual “golf season” in Palm Springs, California? The golf season in Palm Springs begins on November 1st and play continues into mid to late April of the following year. So, in essence, Palm Springs is golfing while the rest of the country is going through the winter months.

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Why Do I Hit Behind the Golf Ball?

One of the most asked questions on a golf course is, “why am I hitting behind the ball?” Anyone that has played more than a round or two of golf has experienced the “fat” or “heavy” shot in which the club hits about an inch behind the ball. Sometimes we get away with it when the ground is hard and firm but in wet conditions it is basically a chilly dip every single time. So, why does this happen?

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Stimpmeter Reading of Augusta National Greens During the Masters

So, what is the stimpmeter reading of the world famous bentgrass during The Masters at Augusta National? Do they really run 12, 13 or even 14 on the stimp? Before letting your buddies at your country club convince you that your greens are just as fast as Augusta National, you must understand how Augusta is unique and has created the best greens in the world for the second week in April.

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Right Foot and Leg Behind Left Leg Practice Golf Swing

Over the last two weeks we have seen two PGA Tour Pros that have practice golf swings in which they have their right leg and right foot well behind their left leg. Sam Ryder and Billy Horschel both practice with their trail leg “inside” their lead leg in their practice swings and practice setup. So, why are they doing this?

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Why Do Politicians Love to Play Golf?

Unless you have lived under a rock for the last several decades, you are very aware that politicians love to play golf. It has been a hot topic of debate amongst those of the political mindset. This post is not political in nature whatsoever, I am simply going to tell you why politicians love to play the wonderful game of golf. Note that both male and female politicians love to play golf. This isn’t just a man’s game; woman love golf just as much, if not more.

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